Advice / Thursday, 28 May 2020

What do I do now I’ve signed up for VIPFavours as a Service Provider?

So, you’ve set up your VIPFavours profile, but are unsure of what to do next - we’re here to help!

Here are some of our top ideas of what to do once you’ve set up your VIPFavours service provider account...

Promote Your Profile!

One of the most important things to do as a service provider is to promote yourself! More traffic to your profile = more inquiries and bookings!

We’ve created some great guides to help you to optimise your profile, to promote your profile on social media, and to take your own sexy photos at home.

Have any other ideas on how to promote your profile? Let us know by Tweeting us!

Collaborate With Other Service Providers and Swap Shout Outs

We’ve got a wonderful, supportive community - don’t forget to make the most of it! Make sure to chat with other service providers - whether on social media, review sites and forums, or elsewhere - and share each other’s content, too! Sharing is caring!

Sign up to Review Sites

There are some great review sites out there, and we love the positive ones! Review sites (like Lyla) are a great place to gather positive feedback on the services that you offer, so make sure that you sign up for and make the most of them!

Speak to Existing Clients

Ask them what they like about you, what they want to see from you, and if you’ve followed the last step by signing up to an escort review site, get them to review you and your services.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Whether it’s planning your social media content, adding specific dates to your diary, or what’s next to add to your services, make sure to make plans. 

Always Think About Your Brand

You might have an idea of what your brand is - make sure to understand the following to create your own personal brand as a service provider:

  • Your business goal
  • Your business purpose
  • The services and specialisms you’re offering
  • Your target market
  • What makes you different from other service providers
  • Your brand’s personality

Remember, you don’t have to be your ‘true authentic self’ if you don’t want to. When you ARE the business, you can choose how you want to portray yourself.

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