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At Home Photography Guide

Can't get or afford pro shots right now? Our at-home photography guide will help you to take the best sexy and boudoir style photos.

Whether you want some good photos, and fast, are saving up for a shoot with a photographer, or can’t afford some pro shots right now, our at-home photography guide aims to help you to take the best sexy and boudoir style photos for your VIPFavours profile that you can.

Dress Up!

Of course, we’re not saying that you can’t take a sexy photo or two when you’re wearing day clothes, however, if you’re looking to get more clients, showing off what you have in the most stunning outfits and lingerie sets are a MUST.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes to take hot photos - take a look through your wardrobe to see what you can find. For example, a button-down shirt with either a sexy bra or nothing else underneath? Hot and simple. Tights or stockings and high heels? Yes, please. If you identify as a man, how about your nicest boxers and nothing else?


You might prefer to be fresh-faced, but for those of you who prefer to use makeup to enhance your beauty, here are some of our tips for using makeup when taking your own sexy photos at home:

If you’re going to be using a flash and lighting, we recommend wearing a little more makeup than you usually would, especially avoiding makeup that’s too light. Make sure to emphasize your favourite (and other’s favourite of yours) features, and use contouring and highlighting to sculpt your face.

Want your lips to look fuller? Make sure to overline them and add a little gloss. Hair or skin looking a bit dry? Spritz with a little water.

To reduce shine, we recommend using a matte, or semi-matte foundation and using powder to finish your foundation, and blotting sheets if you need a touch-up!

We also recommend that you check whether your make up reflects the flash or lighting if you’re using either - or both!

Posing and Posture

Posing and posture both help when you’re taking your own photos. If someone else is behind the camera, it’s easier for them to see what’s best for you, and also you would expect professional photographers to know the best poses for you, and for sexy and boudoir photography in general.

You don’t want to look unnatural or forced, so don’t force yourself into a pose or posture that you’ve seen others do but feel very unnatural for you. It’s just not sexy! Some of our favourite poses are:

  • A front and back shot in the mirror
  • Holding your phone/camera over your head and angling it down to the rest of your body
  • From behind with twisted upper body
  • Lay on your back with your heels against the wall - this elongates your legs and allows for you to splay your hair out around you if it’s long enough.
  • Simple mirror selfie - sit in front of a full-length mirror (near a window for some lovely natural light)
  • Lay on your front with your knees bent behind you

Posture is also incredibly important - it helps with your posing! Imagining that you are squeezing a lemon between your shoulders helps to pull your shoulders back, but push your chest out. 

Arch your back! This makes your booty pop alongside accentuating your waist. Pair this with angling your upper body away from the camera as this makes your butt and thighs look thicker than your waist - HOT!

If you’re worried about your tummy (you shouldn’t be, you’re gorgeous) then bend your leg slightly, bringing your knee up. This is also a great way to make footwear or your sexy feet the focus of your photo.

Getting Handy - What to do With Your Hands in Sexy Photos

Worried about what to do with your hands in photos? Here are a few of our tips:

If it Bends, Bend it!

Bend your wrists, hands, fingers and pose them to accentuate part of your body that you want to show off.

Touch Yourself!

Gently caress your skin as though you’re trying to make light ripples in a body of water. Or touch with energy and intention - grasping your chest to show passion, or how about tucking your hair behind your ear?

Grab Something!

Why not grab sheets to show passion, or slightly pull at clothing or jewellery? If you want a from behind shot, unhooking your bra is always a good way to use your hands.

Of course, there’s always what’s known in boudoir photography as the ‘hand bra’ - cupping your breasts with your hands. Now that’s never not going to be sexy.

What Equipment Will I Need to Take Sexy Photos at Home?

Recommended At Home Photography Equipment:

Camera or Smartphone

You don’t need a top-of-the-range DSLR to take the best photos at home, or a separate camera (if you don’t have one) - your smartphone will do! Smartphones now have such 

Photo Editing Software and Apps

If you’re using a separate camera or DSLR, you’re going to need to use some software if you want to edit your photos. If using your smartphone, there are some great apps you can use to edit your photos if you wish to do so.

Bluetooth connected shutter button

Having one of these, paired with a tripod, is one of the best tools to have when taking photos of yourself, especially if you’re taking them from behind or full body.


Rather than have to angle your arms and hands, a tripod allows you to go hands-free, ensuring that you can use your hands to pose… or for something else entirely!


You might be lucky enough to have some great natural light in your house or apartment, but if you don’t, or you want to enhance the lighting you currently have, using box lights, ring lights, and even ring lights that you can clip onto your smartphone really can help change the lighting and mood, and create super flattering, sexy photos of you.

Do you have an at-home photography tip you’d like to share? We’d love to hear more! Let us know by Tweeting us @VIP_Favours!

Until next time, stay beautiful xx