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What is the Girlfriend Experience (GFE)? VIP Services Guide

Whether you want to offer, want to indulge in, or are just curious about the girlfriend experience (GFE), we’ve got all you need to know about it!

What is the Girlfriend Experience (GFE)?

Many have seen GFE or Girlfriend Experience on service provider profiles, but some might wonder what this means. For some, it’s difficult to pick and enjoy specific services, especially if you’ve not purchased the time of a sex worker before. The girlfriend experience is a common request and is sex and intimacy with all of the passion, warmth and enthusiasm of having a girlfriend, but without the strings and commitment involved in a relationship.

The girlfriend experience is the perfect choice if someone is looking to rediscover emotional and physical intimacy, whether that’s due to a break up, a long period of celibacy, trauma, or something similar. It’s also the perfect way for a client to lose their virginity!

What can be Expected from the Girlfriend Experience (GFE)?

Some of the benefits of Girlfriend Experience (GFE) include:

  • Genuine Connection
  • Enthusiastic and Engaged Companionship
  • Intimacy
  • Getting Back in the Saddle
  • Losing of Virginity
  • Mutual Sexual Pleasure
  • Passion
  • Dating Experiences
  • Companionship
  • Socialization
  • Authenticity
  • Learning what you enjoy - sexually and romantically

Experiences that are part of Girlfriend Experience (GFE) include:

  • Going on dates
  • French kissing
  • Conversations
  • Sex
  • Daily texts
  • Video chat
  • Phone calls
  • Photos

Can you have a Virtual Girlfriend Experience?

Of course! Online (virtual) girlfriend experiences are a great way to offer a genuine service and create a connection between service provider and user.

What’s Typically Offered in a Virtual Girlfriend Experience Package?

Many sex workers offer a variety of different virtual GFE packages, some of the most common services include:

  • Good morning and goodnight messages
  • Texts (volume would vary)
  • Video sessions
  • Phone calls
  • Bespoke pictures
  • Voice notes

Can you get a Boyfriend Experience?

Of course! Girls, guys and people beyond the binary can also buy the boyfriend experience - where someone can buy the experience of having a boyfriend - without the strings!

Is Girlfriend Experience (GFE) the Same as SD/SB?

The Sugar Daddy - Sugar Baby relationship can be seen as a girlfriend or boyfriend experience, but both are also different in their own ways. Sugar Babies can offer GFE to Sugardaddies as a service on top of anything else they offer, as an intimate extra on top of being financially supported.

What do Providers Say About Girlfriend Experience?

We asked our followers about their thoughts on the girlfriend experience, here's what some of them had to share:

"What does GFE mean to me? 
It means giving my client an experience that is completely for them and them alone, for what they truly need in the emotional sense, expressing that by enjoying a variety of erotic play and all while ensuring you can be in the moment yourself as well so you can both share that girlfriend experience together.
A great GFE should return a good BFE. Which is what I strive to receive with every appointment."

"One of my clients said that he really enjoyed the experience - he thought it was nice to have a companion for a little while to be his girlfriend while he was visiting Halifax".

"GFE is Satisfying in that I feel like I'm making the Client I'm with happy through meaningful conversations which lead to close connections. It is very satisfying to me when a Client treats me like his Princess. I give 110% with all Clients who treat me with respect"

Girlfriend Experience Related Terms

Although a lot of terminology is the same as other parts of sex work, there are some terms which have arisen from the growth of the GFE.

Hobbyists - these are what many clients refer to themselves as
Nice girl - the sex worker who provides the girlfriend experience

Any More Recommendations on the GFE?

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