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How to Increase Your Social Media Presence as a Sex Worker

Here at VIPFavours, our community comes first. That’s why we thought we’d give you a few tips on building your personal brand and improving your social media presence.

Hey beautiful people!

So, you’re a sex worker looking to increase your social media presence. Harder than it looks, right? It will be. Partly because there’s a lot of noise out there, partly because your posts are likely to be “restricted content”, and partly because you may be an expert in the bedroom but not necessarily in marketing.

Hey, we can’t all be perfect.

Here at VIPFavours, our community comes first. That’s why we thought we’d give you a few tips on building your personal brand and improving your social media presence.

We've already given you some tips on how to promote and market your escort page, now here's our top tips on building your brand and social media presence:

Optimise Your Shit

Some of you are gonna be thinking “wtf does optimise your shit mean?”. Here’s a little checklist for you to make life easier:

✔Fill In ALL of Your Profile Information

This might sound like common sense, but people often leave out vital info such as their location, which is obviously super important in our line of work!

✔Include a Link

Include a link to your website (and your VIPFavours page) on your social media profiles. And make sure those links are working and have up to date info on them!

If you want to include multiple links on your social media profiles, then we recommend using a tool such as AllMyLinks or Linktree to do that!

✔Add a Display Picture

For obvious reasons! People need to see you!

Want to know how to take your own pics? Make sure to read our guide to sexy home photography.

✔Include Social Media Links

Make sure to include social media links on your website or VIPFavours profile! We even have a feature that allows you to tweet straight from our site showing your availability - make the most of it!

Choose 1 or 2 Platforms and Do Them Well

Guess what? You don’t have to be on every social media platform going. In fact, we would advise against it. Managing social media is hard work, and spreading yourself thin across various platforms is going to result in substandard quality of content. Our favourite platform for sex workers has got to be Twitter. Its standards are more relaxed than the likes of Facebook and Instagram and it tends to be where the community is most active. We’ll retweet any tweet that mentions us, too. 

Be Consistent

One thing we know about social media platforms is that they’re kinda like us - they like it when their users are consistent. Y’all know what we’re talking about! Try to post and engage with other pages regularly, once a day at least if you can. If you struggle to post in real-time, why not use a tool such as Buffer to schedule your content in advance? We love Buffer because it’s free!

Spread the Love

One of the best things about this community is the support everyone shows each other. Our Twitter feed is often full of SWs resharing tweets from other SWs. Not only does this show solidarity with other members of the community, it actually helps increase your social media reach too. So engage, engage, engage! Likes are good, replies are better, retweets are the best. The same goes for Instagram if you’re on there too - try to like, comment and save as many posts as possible. Share the love, baby! 

Get Trendy

It’s amazing how many trending topics are relevant to sex work. Valentine’s Day (14th Feb) Steak and Blowjob Day (14th March), Sex Workers Rights Day (3rd March), National Sex Day (9th June)... we could go on. Jump on these trending topics to promote your own content, or just join in the discussion.

Use Features

Social media platforms love it when you use their available features. Instagram has a new stories feature? Get all over that like a client who tips well, honey. The platform will reward you with more eyeballs on your content, and hopefully more balls on your… never mind.

We hope you enjoyed these tips. If you use them, let us know how you get on via our Twitter page @VIP_Favours!


VipFavours xx

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