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Guide to Camming - How to Be a Successful Cam Model

Want to know how to become a successful cam model? This guide will help you to start a career as a cam girl, guy or model, with tips along the way!

How to Become a Successful Cam Model

Cam modeling (also known as ‘camming’) is an accessible and potentially lucrative way to make money from home. But in a highly competitive market, what makes a cam model successful?

What is a Cam Model?

A camgirl or cam model is an adult performer who streams to the internet via webcam. Cam models can offer their services privately via programs like Skype, or broadcast publicly to sites like Chaturbate. Cam models may strip, tease, masturbate, or perform sex with a partner while broadcasting. 

Benefits of Being a Cam Model

Thanks to the entirely online nature of the work, being a cam model means being able to work from the comfort of your own home. Cam models can also choose their own working hours and structure their broadcasting time around their hobbies and social life, which can create a fantastic work/life balance. Keep in mind that you might want to decide on a schedule that includes peak traffic hours for your chosen website. 

How Much Money Does a Cam Girl or Male Cam Model Make?

Exactly how much a cam model makes is a very difficult question to answer. The good news is, it’s not uncommon for established models to earn thousands of dollars a month, with some of the most successful cam models earning hundreds of thousands. Just remember it takes time and investment to build an audience as a cam model. How much a cam model earns is affected by the size of their audience, how well they promote themselves, and the length of time they spend broadcasting. 

How to Become a Webcam Model

Becoming a cam model is as easy as signing up for a profile. The trickier part is becoming a good cam model. A decent internet connection and a laptop no more than a few years old that has a webcam attached will be a good start. As your audience grows you should consider improving your cam model setup. Amazon always has great deals on lighting, microphones, and external webcams which will greatly improve the look and sound of your broadcast. Don’t be afraid to quiz other models on their setup. As a cam model networking with more experienced performers can be a really valuable way to improve your broadcasts and find inspiration for your own brand. 

Cam Safety Tips

Like in other areas of sex work you may need to be firm with clients. You may face viewers who are difficult or who take their interest in your broadcasts too far. Protect your personal information, use a fake name, and create a new email address. Never reveal any personal information like where you live, your real name, or any other information you feel uncomfortable sharing. Never feel afraid to block anyone if they make you feel uncomfortable or their behavior feels threatening; even if they have been a loyal fan for a long time. We have some great online safety tips for sex workers in a dedicated blog post - make sure to give it a read so that you are as safe as possible.

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