Features / Wednesday, 03 June 2020

Our Top Sex Work, Sex and Adult Industry Blogs

Whether you’re a service provider, customer, like to read up on sex work and the adult industry; or just like sex, you’ll need to check out our top sex work, sex, and adult industry blogs.

We love a good read, aside from our work, but there’s also some great blogs that help us out with learning about other’s experiences as sex workers, the political side of sex work, and also, general sex blogs.

But where do you find good blogs between all of the spam? We’ve come up with some recommendations to help you to build your blog reading list, enjoy!

Sex Work Blogs

We know that lots of sex workers are super busy, but many also have a brilliant talent for writing and telling their own stories, their way, alongside writing about a lot of the political issues that arise with sex work.

Tits and Sass

Tits and Sass writers are sex workers from a variety of different locations and backgrounds - from escorts and pro-dommes to strippers, cam models, and porn performers.

We love the blog because it promotes a positive environment that highlights the realities of sex work. 

Jacq The Stripper

We love Jacqueline Frances’s blog, ‘Jacq The Stripper’ - she’s now retired from stripping, however, she is still running her blog and also has a Patreon for her artwork and thirst traps that aren’t safe enough for Instagram!

Pandora Blake

Pandora/Blake is a London (UK) based performer and pornographer and writes about all kinds of topics, namely porn, trans issues, spanking, parenthood, and BDSM. We love their blog, Pandora Blake, because of the variety of topics they write about and their honesty and passion for what they do. One of our favourite posts of theirs is about hiring a sex worker, as a sex worker themselves. A great read!

The Honest Courtesan - Maggie McNeill

On her blog The Honest Courtesan, Maggie McNeill gives an honest perspective on sex work, from her point of view. Her insights and write-ups are frank, and so well written that it’s no wonder she has written multiple books, too.

Maya Morena

Maya Morena has currently deferred her companionship services, but we have always loved her blog, and she has a great archive of her old posts. She speaks a lot about law and being a migrant sex worker, and we love the Masterlist of YouTubers to Support post - lots of great accounts to support!

Sex Blogs

Girly Juice

Kate Sloan writes Girly Juice, a great blog featuring a mixture of topics, including sex, kink, fashion, relationships, mental health, beauty, and more! She’s written for her blog for over 8 years now, and her writing has resulted in some great professional achievements, too, including earning her own B.J. (Bachelor of Journalism)!

Domme Chronicles

For those looking for positive stories about real people living loving D/s relationships (especially female dominant/male submissive), then Domme Chronicles is a great read. Sharyn Ferns (who runs the blog) also has a brilliant podcast, also named ‘Domme Chronicles’ - it’s worth a listen if you want to know more about D/s, BDSM, and other related things.

Kayla Lords