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Sex Work and Sex Worker Hosted Podcasts You Must Listen To

We’re highlighting some of the sex work and sex worker hosted podcasts and podcast episodes that you MUST listen to.

Podcasts are an ever-growing way to listen and learn - whether you’re a sex worker or support sex workers and want to learn more. Here are some of our recommended podcasts and episodes.

Sex Work and Sex Worker Hosted Podcasts

Whether hosted by or helping to tell the stories of sex workers and sex work, we think these are really great listens.

Thot Leader Podcast by SX Noir

SX Noir is a sex worker, passionate about sex tech, VP of The Women of Sex Tech, and hosts the podcast ‘Thot Leader’. 

The Thot Leader podcast is described as ‘holding space for authentic conversations with innovators, influencers, and activists about how we navigate developments in the sex tech industry. This podcast aims to unpack how empathy in digital spaces can enhance our human experience in physical spaces.’ and features episodes about What Sex Tech is (with Lora DiCarlo and Bryony Cole in part 1 and Cindy Gallop in part 2), Dating in Digital Space, and Privacy and Security.

Sex with Strangers by Chris Sowa

The Sex With Strangers podcast highlights stories from sex workers from different parts of the world, and different parts of the Sex Industry. From speaking to Fetish Filmmakers to FinDoms to travelling to Mumbai, Tokyo, Berlin, Amsterdam, Thailand, and more, this is a great podcast with a back catalogue that’ll keep you listening.


HUSTLERS is a podcast about the Sex Industry, hosted by a full-service sex worker. The podcast includes chatty episodes with sex workers, on topics such as Queerness in the Sex Industry, Stripping for the First Time, Working on Your Period, What NOT to Say to sex workers, and more.

Candy Girl

The Candy Girl podcast shares the voices, stories, and experiences of sex workers. Hosts Shelby and Emily interview sex workers from around the USA, and we love how their episode titles are named after sweets and candy!

Self-Help for Sex Workers

This podcast hasn’t been updated in a year, but worth a listen to the back catalogue as  in Self-Help for Sex Workers, author Lola Davina reads selected chapters from "Thriving in sex work: Heartfelt Advice for Staying Sane in the Sex Industry," a self-help book for sex workers.

Dungeons & Shaggin’

Join Professional Dominatrix, Miss Marilyn, as she presents stories, chats with fellow Sex workers and covers all aspects and challenges of human sexuality on the Dungeons & Shaggin' podcast. Topics include BDSM aftercare, casual sex and catching feelings, immoral arousal, and more.

Potty Mouth Babes

Potty Mouth Babes is a podcast hosted by Alice Little, a sex worker at The Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada, USA. Alice and her friends discuss lots of different topics, including how to give good head, a vacation travel guide for sex toys, and more.

The Oldest Profession

We all know that sex work is known as the oldest profession, and on The Oldest Profession, Kaytlin Bailey delves into the ways sex work, and heroic sex workers had a hand in shaping society from Mesopotamia to what we know it to be today. Personalities featured include Queen Joanna of Naples and Provence, Anna Nicole Smith, Mary Jones, Georgina Beyer, and more.

Good Sex Bad Sex

Although not always featuring episodes about sex work, Good Sex Bad Sex is a podcast from the UK newspaper, Metro.co.uk, and is hosted by Bibi Lynch and Miranda Kane, who is a former sex worker. Some notable episode topics include Mums who make porn, audio porn, a male dom, being a sugar baby, and more.

Sex Work and Sex Worker Hosted/Featured Podcast Episodes

Alongside podcast series that are hosted by sex workers, there are episodes of non sex work podcasts that feature sex workers, or stories about sex workers. Here are some great ones to listen to.

Sex Work - Lucie Bee- The James Fry Podcast

The James Fry Podcast is described as a different take on various prominent issues not usually talked about in the mainstream press. This episode features porn star, geek, activist and sex worker, Lucie Bee.

Sex Magic for Sex Workers with Toska - Sex Magic Podcast

The Sex Magic Podcast looks at connections between spirituality and sexuality, and this particular episode, Sex Magic for Sex Workers, looks at insight, magic, and rituals for those in sex work, including the origins of sex work, the archetype of the Sacred Prostitute, magical self-care using sex magic, and techniques for boundaries.