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VIP Ashley Black

Independent Provider
Age: 30
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Orientation: BiSexual
Speaks: English
Escort MPA

My long legs, soft skin and plump curves may have drawn you here, but like anything special there is always something more beneath the surface that gives you a spark, ignites you to the edge, keeps you coming back. I am your confidante, that you meet at a divine hotel, ravish and pour over making sure not one part was missed. Champaign and caviar at noon because why not. Passion and being in the moment is all that matters. Whether that is being pressed against the wall kissing and pulling each other to the bed, long stares holding soulful eyes or our heads jerking back from laughing so hard. Vulnerability is what I offer you. In my world, your race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability and marital status do not preclude you from having the sexiest of time, so do not feel obligated to state these facts in your inquiry. If you could send a meaningful message including who you are, a name is always appreciated, any date details you feel would make our time together more cherished, date and time as well as acknowledging you will provide screening at some point should our schedules align — you will be replied to with an excited and turned on Ashley Black. I will touch base with you regarding deposit and collect it to confirm. For those inquiring from abroad, please do send a love note. I love travelling and am happy to build a tour around our date. Ashley


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Minimum age: 21
Half hour
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