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Ruby Lust

Independent Provider
Age: 53
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Orientation: BiSexual

Hello, I'm Ruby, an independent, cultured, yet down-to-earth mature seductress. ​ I have a deep love of life and view intimacy like beautiful cuisine: a luscious balance of naughty, sweet, vanilla and kink, grounded in an earthy human connection we all crave. I have a special ability to organically connect and share mutual pleasure. Fulfill your craving and share authentic, rich moments with me. ​ Raised on Blondie, Bowie and Depeche Mode¸ I came of age at a time of cultural rebellion. I was never much of a follower, cutting my own path, exploring my sexuality on my own terms, empowered and without apology. Always with the thirst to learn, to grow, to know, to experience, an insatiable curiosity about the human condition, and our deepest wants, and needs, I have found many meaningful connections in the least expected of places. Never mistake mature for banal however, I enjoy the full and diverse spectrum. The slow burn of seduction, the edgy pulse of aggression, flirty play and the sweet grace of tenderness. No one-trick pony, I have a profound capacity to explore.I invite you to come view an exciting sensual world through my green eyes, roaming the curves of my long, and winding road. I bring a lifelong love of all things naughty and delicious. People tell me I ooze sex appeal, make them feel comfortable and relaxed, and (usually) like they've never felt before. I have an articulate University-educated mind, but also love to get down, and wickedly dirty too. We all have our life journeys, and I delight in learning about yours, as much as I hope you will mine. I've had a higher education, robust career, loves and marriage, children, travel, conventional business, and now bring all of myself to share special, and rich moments of pleasure and joy.


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