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Rylee Mae

Independent Provider
Age: 33
Location: Toronto: Downtown, Ontario
Orientation: BiSexual
Escort MPA

"Moon marked and touched by the sun my magic is unwritten but when the sea turns back it will leave my shape behind." Welcome, I am Rylee, a sultry and playful companion once upon a time based in Montreal and currently touring Toronto and Europe. In search of the genuine connection that arises from shared passion, I offer you a space of solace, care and compassion; a respite from worldly responsibilities doused in hedonism and set aflame with a deep and sensual hunger. Pleasure matters deeply, I believe, and desires must be explored for us to be our whole selves. Come share a laugh that reverberates from deep in your belly. Come share a sacred moment of stillness after revelling in ecstasy. Come begin a story, a journey. Come be your self with me. You may be quickly taken by my coy and contagious smile but know that I also possess a powerful intellect and am interested in what matters deeply in this world - matters of love and justice and dignity. I love to wander in the woods and have my senses tickled by the natural world. Fascinated by the beauty of the human body I am in the midst of my training as massage therapist and look forward to further sharing my gifts of tenderness and devoted attention. My face bears a mysterious and elegant natural beauty that comes from my unusual background. Athletic grace, full lips, dark eyes that mesmerize; equally sweet and ferocious I am blessed with nimble knowing fingers and the softest of downy skin. A shameless hedonist at heart, I take pleasure in giving pleasure, and am oh so pleased to make desire my business. xox Rylee


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