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Ollie Sparks

Independent Provider
Age: 27
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Orientation: BiSexual
Speaks: English; French

I am one of those girls that people tend to percieve as intimidating and "bad-ass" at first glance, but that misconception is quickly forgotten once they hear more than two words come out of my mouth. In reality I am actually just a teeny bit shy, some might even say I am a bit awkward (Okay I'm actually painfully awkward but at least I provide laughable entertainment!). ​ Aside from my obvious social awkwardness, I am also what most refer to as a geek, but I like to say adorkable. I love the fandom culture and community. I have a very deep love for Star Wars. You may notice my multiple Star Wars themed tattooes in my photos. My passion for geek culture doesn't just begin and end with Star Wars. The list of series' that I have fallen in love with is not a short one and I quite often show my love for them by dressing up as my favorite characters! *cough*cosplay*cough* My passions aren't limited to geek culture. I'm also very enthusiastic about learning. Although I am currently taking some time off from school, it is very much something I can't wait to get back to. In the mean time I satisfy my need to learn through the people that I encounter. I believe that I stand to learn something from everyone that I meet.


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