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Michaela Banks

Independent Provider
Age: 30
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Orientation: Open

Yes, I am exactly who you thought that soft-spoken woman with an intriguing air of mystery would be. You will find me to be mysterious, carefree, soft-spoken and quick-witted. I wear glasses, sit behind a desk and tell people what to do most of my day (don't worry, they like it), but art, travel, great food and great company feed my soul and help me unwind. I’m that woman who likes being on your arm while I meticulously pick out a new pair of Valentino’s for our date night, but who also feels comfortable serenading you while you shave, singing out of tune, wearing only your socks. That girl that likes to take her time drinking in your soul from across the table, and learning about what makes you tick… what turns you on. That girl who lives & loves so freely and independently, but also needs to be taken in from across the table every once in a while, too. That’s me. Mischievous. Free-Spirit. Artist (ask me). Entrepreneur. Shameless Seductress … and so much more. What does this mean for you? Hopefully something refreshing. I’m your missing link to that adventurous care-free life you often daydream about. I will arouse your sense of wanderlust and make you want to book us on the next plane to Timbuktu (errr, maybe let's start with Tofino or Ucluelet). I’m the one you call, when you say, “You know what, I need a break. It's time to get away." I often say that you know something or someone is meant for you when every cell in your body says 'yes'. If that's the case, I can't wait to hear from you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tags: Tall, Busty, Curvy, Ebony Escort Vancouver, Black Escort Vancouver, Curvy Escort Vancouver, Small BBW, Model, Black, Mixed


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