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Mara White

Independent Provider
Age: 32
Location: Toronto: Downtown, Ontario
Orientation: Open
Escort MPA Dancer

I'm Mara! Bright and charming, confident yet down to earth, with an innocent visage and a cheerful demeanor. Full of energy, my smile comes easily and my laugh is contagious. Don’t mistake my youthful appearance for naiveté, though — my boundless cheek and fiery wit will keep you on your toes. Erotically massaging my way through the past three years, I've learned that I thrive on human connection, from sharing a story over a glass of wine to sliding sensuously over my partner's slippery body. I've come to yearn for the connection, the joys and the privileges that come with meticulously exploring another's body. Nothing can match the exhilaration of watching you melt and twitch under my teasing hands, feeling your skin tingle as I breathe softly into your ear... It's your turn now. Let me be the one to put you first.


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