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Independent Provider
Age: 30
Location: Toronto: Downtown, Ontario
Orientation: Straight
Escort MPA

Have you ever found yourself grasping at minuscule moments of pleasure, only to find yourself longing for something more esoteric and profound? I’d like to let you in on a little something… I already know your answer. I’m Lyn Taylor. Intuitive babe. Ardent enchantress. Unassuming siren. Enigmatic thrill-seeker. I am your escape to a connection that strikes like lightning. Rare and electrifying. I want to know you. I want you to explore us. I want you to breathe easy. I want you to be sustained. I offer an intimate experience, however I am not your typical GFE. Think of me as your girlfriend away from home. One who will whisper sweet nothings into your ear while playing with your hair. A confidante who will give you the ability to confess your steamy secrets. And when we connect on the deepest level, I’ll be your paramour who sends sexy selfies just to brighten your day. I consider myself to be the human embodiment of pleasure and tenderness. An elixir of one part erotic kink to two parts sensual passion. I like to think of our adventures as part ritualistic, part fetish, and part therapeutic. The only desire I know is one of being completely present within our shared space+time. I’m into cuddling (scantily clad or completely nude), foot worship, and tickling (as -ler, -lee, or switch). I crave touch… soothing, sedative, rousing, rhythmic. I love listening to, accommodating, and conjuring up each moment that you yearn for. Don’t know exactly what is it that you’ve been missing? I’ll show you. It’s just what I do. Come away with me and when we part, you will leave fulfilled, changed… better. An unfamiliar calmness will wash over you like a current: rippling, powerful, and boundless. There it is. That’s what you needed. And it was right in front of you all along. Until then, Lyn


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Minimum age: 25
Half hour
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