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Faith Monique

Independent Provider
Age: 23
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Orientation: Straight
Speaks: English

Simply put, I'm impossible to miss. I'm the type of woman you would see in a coffee shop, latte in hand, headphones on (most likely re-listening to one of the Harry Potter books or two seasons into a legal podcast) but once you lay your eyes on me, they won't help but linger there. As your eyes glance down you'll notice my bright brown eyes hidden behind delicate glasses, long brown hair, then my slender body paired with soft curves and legs that seem to never end. During my time as a Sensual Masseuse I've learned what I love and what I don't enjoy as much. I've been told I have a special touch for edging and tantric massage and love to include that in all of my dates. ​ I believe that one of the most beautiful things in life that you can be is passionate and because of that I exude passion in everything I do and you can expect our meetings to be no different. Whether it be an excitement for wine and food, travelling, personal development or just your everyday life events I love hearing and conversing about all the things that bring joy. More information can be located in the FAQ on my website, including the list of fetishes I offer and where else you can find me in Canada.


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