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Evie Lane

Independent Provider
Age: 34
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Orientation: Straight

Let me take you to the edge.... Time with me is the ultimate in soft sensual domination. Candlelight, Tantric music and Gentle restraints provide you the ideal atmosphere to fully surrender and explore your sexual edge. You will be restrained and blindfolded allowing you to savor every little sensation as I stimulate every bit of you from head to toe. I will tease and tantalize you with a melange of textures, sensations and tantric techniques to reveal what you love to hate and what you hate to love. Whether you are looking to explore deeper into the magnetic world of BDSM or desire a softer introduction to kink and submission, our time together with always leave you satisfied and craving more. Body to Body Massage Slowly and temptingly massaging your entire body using mine while being gently restrained. Truly a unparalleled experience. Fetish and Kink Exploration Absolutely under no circumstance do I offer Skat, Sounding, Fisting or Age play.


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Minimum age: 30
Half hour
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Body Enhancements