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Independent Provider
Age: 25
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Orientation: Open
Speaks: English

Sweet n Submissive Take your coat off lover, stay a while and leave your worries and shoes at the door. Allow me to make you feel at ease, as it will always be my utmost pleasure to welcome you into our own private escape. Born, raised, and proud to have called the wet coast of Vancouver my home since childhood, I find myself in a new city of Toronto, lusting for stimulating connections and eager to get to know one another. I'm a connoisseur if you will of exploring one another's passions as the rain can only paint a picture of sweet embraces. I'm always in the pursuit of challenging my own boundaries both creatively speaking and what I define as my comfort zone. Through this outlet of sensuality I've found myself exploring my submissive, kinkier side as well as keeping an open mind to fetishes and desires others may wish to explore with me. If you're open minded, take time to communicate clearly, and love a fiery petite gal with a quick tongue and a passion that rivals none, I look forward to seeing your completed booking form in my inbox, as it would be an absolute delight to share your company. With me, my love, you'll always find a receptive ear and a warm cuddle, or wrists just begging to be bound and happy little butt wiggles. *please fill out my Booking Form at: for the quickest and most enthusiastic response! 90mins is preferred minimum* NEW hair- blonde shoulder length. Pictures coming soon of updated change!


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Minimum age: 25
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