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Sienna Hunter

Independent Provider
Age: 26
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Orientation: BiSexual

I am best described as that woman you’ve been staring at in the bar all night. That bubbly, outgoing intellectual with a razor sharp personality who is subtle yet outrageous, charming yet risqué, regimented yet unpredictable…nothing short of my own distinct brand of goddess. I naturally hold a very classy demeanour but I am never averse to shedding my manners in favour of a little more explicit fun. Companionship represents my natural state in many ways, it is a reflection of the most seductive, sensual and insatiable part of my persona. I am a natural minx, alluring all those who get the chance to see me in action. Ultimately, it is an indulgence before the inevitable day that I switch over to focusing solely on my professional career. For the time being, I love the indulgence that is companionship…care to join me? If for whatever reason you find yourself currently seeking a genuine connection to a young woman with an irresistible je ne sais quoi and unquenchable joie de vivre, you’ve found the right woman.


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Minimum age: 20
Half hour
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