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Independent Provider
Age: 25
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Orientation: BiSexual
Speaks: English

Please take the time to fully read below, as booking requires a specific protocol. ___ Hey! How are you? You can call me Sarah. I'm an extroverted bundle of chaos, with green eyes of fire, brunette hair, a teenie tiny body and an unapologetic mouth. I weigh in at 115lbs and can't reach the top shelf due to my 5'2 stature. All of my assets are completely proportionate and natural. My personality allows me to easily sway to the beat of any drum and relate to almost anyone, in some way. I'm genuine and pride myself on offering the most intimate and realistic experiences. I love conversing and talking about life - I could just stare off listening to you talk about your passions for hours. Humans interest me more than anything else on this planet. I enjoy taking my time. I want to know all your quirks, your hopes, dreams and fears.... every fantasy, every lust, every craving touch. I want to make you feel special, appreciated, and fulfilled. From cuddles and laughs, to toe curling sensations, I will work with you to create our perfect dynamic. I consider myself an Empath. Your pleasure is my happiness. There is no better day, than a day filled with endorphins. Whether it's before work, after that awful 6 hour meeting, or maybe even a quick stop for Lunch, I'll be sure to wash all those worries away. ___ As of September 28th: I will be a full time student. With this being said, my schedule will be very limited. I will only be available to Regulars and Returning gentleman. Full payment will be required. Any grandfatherd rates will expire. New Comers: I will still being accepting sessions until the end of September, so if you've been dying to see me, now is your final chance. ___ How do I contact you and what info do I need to give? When booking, please include: - YOUR NAME - AGE - LENGTH OF SESSION DESIRED - A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF YOURSELF. I reserve all rights to screen my clients as I see fit. So, please be ready with a reference. ___


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Minimum age: 19
Half hour
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