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Nadia Avos

Independent Provider
Age: 24
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Orientation: Straight
Speaks: Russian; English

Hello, I'm Nadia. We may not know eachother yet, but I'm yearning to be your next addiction. I wait for you, in a secret place where longing hearts retreat and the outside world disappears. How long will you keep me waiting? I am often described as a unique beauty. My distinct yet stunning features will leave you simultaneously intrigued and infatuated. But beauty is only skin deep, it's my creative mind and kind nature that will truly win you over. I live life trying to add value to others lives in whatever avenue I can, companionship is no exception. There is no greater joy than giving joy, and dates are a time where I can make you happy in ways that you can't feel otherwise. Intimacy can include so much afterall; A power exchange, an escape, a chance to discover someone in their rawest form. To experience what we really crave underneath it all. I am extremely flexible. Both physically thanks to a gymnastics background, and mentally with a curious mind and lack of judgment. Blessed with the ability to switch roles, I love exploring a variety of dynamics. No matter how tame or obscene, I prefer to live without limits or prejudgment hindering my creativity. Dabbling in a variety of industries has made me well versed in various topics, some highly technical and others creative. Constant learning and growth is part of the human experience, and discovering new things is the spice of life... Especially when that discovery is another passionate vice to give into with you.


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