Cecilia Amour

Independent Provider
Age: 24
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Orientation: Straight
About Me

You had a dream... On a warm windy day, your gaze was captured by a remarkable beauty you had passed on a cobblestone street, somewhere in Europe. In an unexplainable whirlwind, you somehow end up in a dim, bohemian resto-bar – sitting next to this mysterious, magnetic creature, sipping martinis. Her deep, captivating blue eyes are almost as striking as the shape of her feminine body, adorned in an elegant, short black dress that has you vibrating with desire. You get lost – it’s all a blur of worldly stories, genuine laughter and basking in the openness her energy had cultivated between the two of you. But then time truly stops, when she leans in closely, and whispers seductively: “Darling, what sets you free?” . . . I am the escape you have been looking for. A woman of incredible magnetism, depth and sensuality, a partner fit for the most private adventures. Our experience together is unbound by the realities and limitations of the world we live in. We design our own oasis, manipulating time and space however we like. Afterwards, we part ways, having etched the most private memory, which exists in a magical, parallel realm, known only to you and I. Join me, on the most revitalizing ride you’ve yet to experience. Love, Cecilia . . . There's nothing like making a stranger into a friend. Let's create something memorable together. I encourage you to peruse my website. Please fill out my the booking form found under "connect" to get in touch. I cannot accommodate requests less than 6 hours notice. 24 hours or more is preferred. Follow me on twitter for a glimpse of my personality: @ceciliaamour



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