Advice / Tuesday, 18 August 2020

How to Become an Escort

Want to know how to become an escort? This handy guide will help you to start a career as an escort and answer important questions along the way.

Considering escort services, but don’t know where to begin? You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to share important information to consider before starting escort services, and how becoming an escort can fit into your lifestyle. 

What is an Escort?

What do escorts do? Simply put, an escort is someone who is paid for their companionship. This may involve accompanying a client to dinner, a social event, a business trip, or even a holiday. A common myth is that this always includes sex. While sex is most commonly an implied part of the agreement, good communication with your agency and clients can mean this doesn’t need to be the case. However, escorts who are willing to entertain a client’s sexual requests will find success much more easily than those who do not. 

What are the Benefits of Being an Escort?

We’ve all heard stories about how much money escorts make. While it’s certainly not a get rich quick scheme it’s very true that with the right attitude and some patience, an escort can do very well financially. There are also many benefits to being an escort that are less talked about. Being an escort means you’ll be able to choose your own working hours, meet interesting new people, and may spend time being well cared for in very glamorous locations. 

Agency or Independent Escort?

Choosing between the agency or independent route is a tough call. There are certainly benefits to both. Joining an escorting agency means you’ll have access to their existing customers and less need for personal promotion. However, escorting agencies will take a commission, meaning you won’t keep all of your earnings. On the other hand, becoming an independent escort means you’ll have more control over your hours, your image, and your rates. It’s also never been easier to run your own escort service thanks to the wonders of modern technology. All you need to start out is a smartphone and a smile! 

Where do I find Escort Jobs and Clients?

Good escorting agencies will handle this for you, but as we mentioned, you’ll have to pay a commission. If you’re going solo, the best way to find escort work is to catch as many eyes as you can. You’ll need to create and maintain an online presence and be patient.

Sites like VIPFavours and Twitter can be a great start but listing your escort services on online spaces like forums and classified ad sites will help you find clients in your area; much more valuable to you when you’re just starting out.

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