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Independent Provider
Age: 33
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Orientation: Straight
Speaks: English
Escort MPA

The modern-day world, looking into black mirrors, our lives feeding from one task to another can leave precious little time to stop, breathe, touch, & connect with the animal beings that live inside us. Yet more than animals, we are capable of experiencing pleasure, of striving for bliss. The complexity of our individualities can create a powerful collage for our senses when we collide, yearning to see & feel what another does - to write our stories on each other’s bodies. I do Dinner Dates, Need Company for the night, Events, Road Trips, Weekend Get away's & Over Nights. Chemistry should always be built, never forced. WHEN CONTACING ME PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR INFO: This is a date after all! Let me know perhaps which area you live in, your schedule, or anything else you think I should know about you. Do you have any experience in the realm of companionship? Please include for screening purposes 1.) Your fully filled out Linked-in profile with photo OR, 2.) An unaltered, scanned piece of your photo ID. OR 3.) 2 references and their info. 4.) Your email, phone number, and date and time requested. Plus, anything I should know to make our time extra special, or any requests. -I screen all my guests & choose wisely the persons whom I spend time with. NOTE: I ONLY RESPOND VIA TEXT. WHEN CONCTACTING ME PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION LISTED SO I KNOW THE SPECIFICS. IF NOT GET SOME READING GLASSES


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Minimum age: 50
Out-Call (Within 30 km)
Half hour
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