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Alex B. Symone

Independent Provider
Age: 27
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Orientation: Straight
Speaks: English

Hello Handsome. So glad you found me! I am absolutely weak to a chivalrous nostalgic that craves the raw satisfaction that is only found in the lost art of courting someone new, that is the euphoria I desire most in life. Monarchs fluttering in the pit of our stomachs lost in intimate conversation & flirtatious banter while ambient lighting washes over our satin skin. So enamoured by one another, the moment we meet, the rest of the world simply melts away... I want that, with you. With our natural chemistry igniting long before we have met, and our mutual lust for life, love and adventure, why would we settle for anything less than exceptional? Be the man you know a woman of my calibre craves most and sink your teeth into the opportunity the moment it is within reach. Allow yourself to elevate and invest in your our own private luxury with one of The Capitals rarest finds. Whether it is you and I lost in conversation on a rooftop terrace or the two of us jet-setting away, one thing is for sure, the memories we make will stay with us both for a lifetime. It all starts with you making a simple private introduction, from there our possibilities are infinite. I look forward to us savouring our time together, Alex B. Symone


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