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Independent Provider
Age: 41
Location: Toronto: Downtown, Ontario
Orientation: Open

Greetings Comrades, I don't remove any of my hair, which means I sport an epic 70's style bush and that it grows wherever else it ought to. I'm not overly hairy though; being ½ Filipina certainly helps in that department as well as assisting me to appear about ½ my age. 5'3"; 120lbs; HWP (32"-28"-36") and well-reviewed ♬ If you find the above intriguing, drop me a line via email and we can start the process that may end with our meeting in person. A caveat, my screening process involves a request for a photo. If you can't provide same, please be advised that I will not interact with you. Conducting a wee bit of research online will result in a plethora of information regarding my services and the foregoing will save us both time and effort, thus I suggest you do so. -Agness PS: I do not entertain for ½hour sessions, kindly refrain from inquiring after same.


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Minimum age: 22

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